Tips for Self-Promotion

As a new author, promoting your book is one of the best ways to help your work reach its audience. To help you achieve your goals, we’ve got a few tips to up your self-promotion game.

Social Media Promotion

You can engage in social media promotion throughout the production cycle of your book. To build excitement, considering posting updates prior to- and post- release. Tagging SAE International in your posts will alert our social media managers to your activity and give us an opportunity to engage with and support your posts.

Across social media platforms, consider tagging notable contributors to your work in social posts to boost potential impressions and engagements. You may also want to use existing hashtags on platforms to participate in larger scale social media conversations that relate to your work, or create your own hashtags around the title of your work.

Prior to publication, SAE Books will provide you with low-res cover images perfect for posting to social media as well a link to the product page at to make it easy for everyone to order your book.

Keep in mind, each social media platform has its own distinct personality and promotional potential.


LinkedIn is a Professional platform that allows you to utilize networking opportunities to promote your book.

  • Keep your post to 200 characters or less for maximum impact.

  • Include the link to your book’s product page.

  • Tag key contributors or reviewers of your book, as well as, @SAE International.

  • If you are tagged in someone else’s post about your book, consider sharing that post with your own network.

  • Since this is such a professional platform, remember sharing to choose controversial opinions & content may impact your reputation & brand. 


Twitter is an Informative, quick-wit and fun platform. It is important to remain professional, but great for interacting with your audience & interacting with related trending topics.

  • Keep your post to 280 characters or less as required by the platform.

  • Consider including an image of your book as well as the link.

  • Integrate hashtags, but Limit yourself to 2-3 hashtags in a single post and tag @SAEIntl.


Facebook is a platform in which you can connect with your audience on a more personal level.

  • Create posts that are genuine and contain content to inform, educate, and entertain your audience.

  • Refrain from posts that focus on solely on book promotion. Facebook users want to connect with you personally.

  • Instead of posting just the cover of your book, try sharing a personal photo of yourself such as a candid snapshot of you at an industry event.


Instagram is a photo and video-based platform that provides the opportunity for visually, aesthetically pleasing promotions.

  • Don’t add text heavy or low-quality images and videos. Save your text for the caption.

  • Add quality captions

Other Marketing Tactics

Outside of social media, you have other promotional options to help your book succeed. Here are a few we recommend:

  • In your professional and/or personal email, incorporate a link in your email signature to where people can purchase the book on

  • Ask colleagues to review your book on Alert your Product Manager of any reviews so we can share on your product page.

  • Consider creating your own Author Page for by going to and “claiming” your book. Author Pages can include a biography, author photo, discussion board, social media links and links to blog accounts, and more.

  • Share list of appropriate journals/magazines that review books in your area of expertise so that SAE International may send out books on your behalf.