SAE Contributor Celebration

SAE Recognizes and Celebrates their Top Contributors and Volunteers

SAE International understands the importance of recognizing the over 60,000 volunteers who help us support our goals and objectives each year. To bolster our recognition efforts, in 2019, the organization will host their inaugural event, SAE's Top Contributor Celebration, dedicated to celebrating and honoring those individuals who have gone above and beyond for SAE.


When: November 14-17, 2019
Where: Las Vegas, Nevada
               Paris Las Vegas

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About the Top Contributor Award



Each year, SAE will choose a maximum of 50 individuals to be recognized as part of the Top Volunteer and Contributing Class.  SAE will invite this class of volunteers and contributors to attend the SAE Contributor Service Awards where, one individual will be named SAE’s Outstanding Contributor of the year. SAE’s Contributor of the Year is our highest honor bestowed on a volunteer for their contributions to the organization.


Those considered should have provided valuable insight and played a key role in advancing the mobility industry through involvement in SAE activities. For example, he/she might have provided an exceptional level of support and/or leadership over an extended period as a contributor on a standards committee, as a judge at a Collegiate Design Series competition, as an organizer of a major SAE-owned event, a Board Member, an AWIM Champion, etc. The nominees considered “ideal” candidates have taken part in special activities or provided additional assistance though specialized skills sets that enhanced the ability of SAE to carry out its mission and goals.


Rewarding our Top Volunteers


SAE will identity the organization’s top volunteers via a nomination and election process that will utilize both staff input and volunteer statistics.

Yearly, a maximum of 50 volunteers and one guest will be invited to attend a three-day, all-expenses paid trip to celebrate their accomplishments.

Attendees will be invited to attend a welcome reception on the day of arrival and a formal awards program on Saturday where the volunteer of the year will be announced.