Facilitating a Technical Paper Review

  • You the organizer decide whether SAE will publish the technical papers within your session based on the results of the technical paper review.
    • You may disapprove (reject) a technical paper for publication at any time.
    • In order for a technical paper to be eligible for publication:
      • There must be at least 3 reviews from qualified reviewers
      • At least two of those reviews must have a status of Approved or Approved, If Modified.
    • If you decide to approve a paper for publication, you must do so through MyTechZone, SAE's online session development suite.
  • If a reviewer does not approve a paper for publication, and the author revises the paper:
    • You must re-enlist the reviewer to update his or her review.
      • Having updated scores and status is critical when considering a paper for SAE International's Journals.
    • Be sure to allow sufficient time for the second review, and for the author to re-revise his or her paper (if necessary).
  • Once reviews become strictly editorial in nature, you the organizer have the authority to approve the paper without re-submitting it to the reviewers.
  • Reviewer invitations through MyTechZone*