Preparing for the Session

It is recommended that organizers request a copy of the author's oral presentation prior to the conference. The organizer should review the presentation for:

If the author has written a paper, does the presentation effectively cover and communicate the key findings of the written paper? If there is no written paper, does the presentation clearly provide the information the presenter needs to convey?

Has the presenter used appropriate colors and readable fonts? See SAE template.

The use of company logos or trade names should be avoided on any audiovisual aids used in conjunction with your SAE presentation. Presentations at SAE meetings are intended to discuss technical issues with the audience. Commercialization is not permitted. Your company affiliation will be included in your introduction.

Contacting All Participants Before the Session

  1. Please consult with your staff representative to verify the length of presentation time for the specific meeting.
  2. Review audio-visual equipment order form.
  3. Suggest that authors be in the session room 30 minutes before the start of the session.
  4. Inform authors of the location of the speaker ready room.
  5. Request short biographies for presenters' introductions.
  6. Request a copy of the authors presentation for review to ensure there is no commercialism.
  7. Arrange an on-site, pre-session meeting, if desired.
  8. Encourage your session participants to pre-register for the conference.

Contacting SAE Before the Session

  1. Confirm that final manuscripts have been received by SAE.
  2. Verify that all manuscripts have been screened and approved for printing.
  3. Provide any last-minute program changes, presenter changes, paper cancellations, etc., to your SAE staff representative. These will be posted on a change board and door signs at the meeting.