FAQ – SAE Technical Paper Reviewers

• Do I have to be an SAE member to review SAE technical papers?

No. However, SAE strongly encourages you to check out the Membership section of the website (use the navigation bar at the top of any page) to see all the member benefits you could receive by becoming an SAE member.

•  If I recommend a paper for SAE International Journals, will that paper automatically be included in the proceedings journal?

Not necessarily. Your recommendation is considered by your session organizer, along with the recommendations of your fellow reviewers. Your session organizer then makes a recommendation, which is turn considered along with all reviewers' recommendations by the Activity Chair or Conference Chair. That Chair will determine, along with the scoring, whether or not to include the paper in the SAE International proceedings journal.

• Do I have any further obligation once I've submitted my review?

Possibly. If you have marked the paper "Approved, if modified" or "Disapproved," and the author chooses to revise the paper according to your requirements, you will be required to re-review the paper and update your scores and comments accordingly. In this way, your session organizer can be certain that the paper has been "fixed" to your satisfaction.

• How do I contact the SAE staff representative assigned to me?

Log into MyTechZone (sae.org/mytechzone) and select the paper in question. Then, select the e-mail navigation tab at the top of the workspace. You'll be taken to a simple e-mail application where the name and e-mail address of your SAE staff representative will be pre-populated. You may then use the e-mail application to contact your SAE staff representative and/or your session organizer.

• What are the criteria used to review SAE manuscripts?

Answer: To see a full listing of the Judgment Bases used in rating and reviewing SAE manuscripts, please download the Judgment Basis Definitions.

• How do I log into MyTechZone?

Go to sae.org/mytechzone and use your SAE website user ID and password.