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  SAE International explores critical topics in mobility engineering with industry leading authors.

Latest Episodes

3. IVHM, Civil Aviation and the Passenger Experience – Feb. 8, 2019
Ian K. Jennions, Professor and Director of the IVHM Centre, Cranfield University, U.K, discusses Integrated Vehicle Health Management, and how it impacts the way aircraft are and will be maintained in the future. This is also a topic covered in his upcoming title, The World of Civil Aviation, published by SAE International.


2. IVHM, Servitization and Physical Asset Management: Impact and Challenges – Feb. 8, 2019
Dr. Michael Provost, a subject matter expert in modeling, simulation, analysis and condition monitoring, discusses the value of considering asset management services for the products they design and manufacture, a topic covered in his new book , Servitization and Physical Asset Management: Impact and Challenges, published by SAE International.


1. Systems of Systems: Impact and Challenges in Commercial Aviation – Feb. 8, 2019
Sean Barker, a mathematician by trade and a veteran of the aerospace industry in the UK, discusses how aircraft companies actually manage to design new aircraft that will be flying for 40 to 50 years, a topic covered in his new book, Aircraft as a System of Systems: A Business Process Perspective, published by SAE International.