Episode 126 - Transforming EV Batteries with Solid-State Energy

Driving from LA to San Francisco on a single fast charge? Yes, please.

QuantumScape is accelerating EV adoption with solid-state battery technology that significantly speeds charging time, making it one step closer to time spent at the gas pump.

As the industry’s first anode-free cell design, QuantumScape delivers a flexible platform designed to pair with a variety of cathode chemistries. This game-changing battery cell technology can store energy more efficiently and reliably than today’s lithium-ion batteries. Not only does this speed charging time, but it also enables longer range, enhances safety, and provides the flexibility to benefit from future cathode chemistry advancements.

We sat down with Will Hudson, Vice President of Product, to discuss QuantumScape’s ground-breaking solid-state technology, the importance of a responsible supply chain, and how solid-state batteries are bringing us closer to a low-carbon future.

Meet Our Guest

Vice President of Product, QuantumScape

Will Hudson is the Vice President of Product at QuantumScape, leading the company’s product roadmap and commercialization strategy. Over the last 10 years, he has led various R&D functions at QuantumScape, including the team that developed its ground-breaking solid-state separator film and its first multilayer cell prototypes. Prior to QuantumScape, Will worked on early-stage battery development at Bay Area startups, including Seeo, developing a lithium-metal 10 Ah solid-state battery prototype, and Mission Motors, building a battery characterization lab to qualify lithium-ion cells for EV applications. Will has a BS in Chemistry from Princeton University and a PhD in Physical Chemistry from UC Berkeley, where he focused on polymer electrolyte materials for solid-state batteries.

Our Host


Innovation Strategist & Co-Founder, Brulte & Company

Grayson Brulte is an autonomous mobility advisor and consultant who provides strategic counsel and political insights to help clients navigate what’s next.

As an SAE strategic partner since 2017, Grayson brings his in-depth industry knowledge to host SAE Tomorrow Today. His unique perspective factors in economics, politics and technology into one-of-kind weekly conversations with innovators changing mobility and its impact on society.

Grayson is a thought-leader who regularly provides insights to publications including Bloomberg, Reuters, The Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, Hollywood Reporter and Forbes. His written opinions and insights have been featured by organizations including the Consumer Technology Association in presentations to the Federal Trade Commission.

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