Episode 104 - A Passion for Books & Sharing Knowledge

Every book lover has an origin story.

Sherry Nigam’s passion for knowledge took root as a child in rural Kentucky.

Her dad printed the local newspaper and her mom drove the library’s bookmobile, often with Sherry on board chatting with people about the books they were borrowing. This inquisitive upbringing led her to a 30-year career in publishing culminating in her current role as Head of Books at SAE International.

Today, Nigam anticipates trends critical to aerospace and ground vehicle mobility, searches out authors who are experts in their fields, develops a pipeline of titles that balance the technical and the topical, and curates a catalog of more than 500 books, some still in demand after decades, that engineering companies, universities, and individuals around the world refer to on a daily basis, including Generalized Vehicle Dynamics by Dan Williams, Race Car Vehicle Dynamics, and Fundamentals of Vehicle Dynamics.

Her role may sound daunting, but Nigam is up to the challenge. With her love of nurturing new authors, she personally reviews every book proposal submitted to SAE Books and helps busy professionals develop the books they think they don’t have time to write.

Are you Nigam’s next author? Follow her on LinkedIn or connect directly at sherry.nigam@sae.org.

Meet Our Guest

Head of SAE Books, SAE International

As the Head of SAE Books, Sherry is responsible for ensuring SAE International releases quality content by industry experts in mobility engineering. She is charged with acquiring and publishing books to advance mobility knowledge and solutions for the benefit of humanity. Under her leadership, SAE Books has received numerous awards including the 2022 Independent Press Gold Award in Environment books for Racing Toward Zero: The Untold Story of Driving Green as well as the 2022 Distinguished Favorite Award for Flight Paths to Success in the category of Career books. In addition, SAE Books has received two Silver Benjamin Franklin Awards for outstanding books in the category of Professional and Technology Reference. In addition, The Road to the Top is Not on the Map: Conversations with the Top Women of the Automotive Industry showcased at the 2020 Consumer Electronic Show.

Our Host


Innovation Strategist & Co-Founder, Brulte & Company

Grayson Brulte is an autonomous mobility advisor and consultant who provides strategic counsel and political insights to help clients navigate what’s next.

As an SAE strategic partner since 2017, Grayson brings his in-depth industry knowledge to host SAE Tomorrow Today. His unique perspective factors in economics, politics and technology into one-of-kind weekly conversations with innovators changing mobility and its impact on society.

Grayson is a thought-leader who regularly provides insights to publications including Bloomberg, Reuters, The Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, Hollywood Reporter and Forbes. His written opinions and insights have been featured by organizations including the Consumer Technology Association in presentations to the Federal Trade Commission.

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