Episode 96 - Preparing Today's Students to Become Tomorrow's Innovators

You don't have to be a parent to know that today’s classrooms – like many things over the past two years – are being disrupted. And while emerging technology can provide new opportunities to grow, hands-on education also remains fundamental to the learning process.    

SAE International’s Vice President of Programs, Christopher M. Ciuca, has spent his career committed to empowering educators to prepare today’s students to become tomorrow’s innovators.

Ciuca and his team have built award-winning STEM learning programs that are inclusive, engaging, and accessible. And as homes across the globe transitioned into makeshift classrooms, they’re working to create new tools for educators – as well as the family at home – that combine the hands-on with the cutting edge.

Bonnie Thibodeau, SAE’s Pre-College Program Developer, shares the launch of her passion project, The STEM Sagas: Virtually Rerouted. This digital comic book is available free online and has dynamic visuals, relatable characters, and an exciting Computer Science-themed storyline.

As Ciuca and Thibodeau give more families the opportunity to #MeetSAE, they’re learning how to give students the chance to experience, collaborate, and think about ways to move society into the future. All of this is possible with the support of folks like you – volunteering, collaborating, and supporting the SAE Foundation – to fund these initiatives as well as awards and scholarships.

Learn more about what SAE is doing to promote STEM education initiatives and explore the SAE Foundation video series on YouTube.

Meet Our Guests

Vice President of Programs, SAE International

Chris Ciuca is the Vice President of Programs at SAE International. In his role, Chris is responsible for the strategic direction of SAE’s programmatic portfolio serving the mobility community through SAE membership, aerospace and ground vehicle standards development, and pre-professional educational workforce development initiatives.

Pre-College Program Developer, SAE International

Bonnie Thibodeau started at SAE International in 2016 as a technical editor before transitioning to PreK-8 STEM program developer for A World In Motion® (AWIM®). With a BA and MA in English Literature from Penn State, Bonnie’s humanities background in teaching, writing, and editing gives her a unique perspective and passion for growing AWIM’s virtual learning offerings.

Our Host


Innovation Strategist & Co-Founder, Brulte & Company

Grayson Brulte is an autonomous mobility advisor and consultant who provides strategic counsel and political insights to help clients navigate what’s next.

As an SAE strategic partner since 2017, Grayson brings his in-depth industry knowledge to host SAE Tomorrow Today. His unique perspective factors in economics, politics and technology into one-of-kind weekly conversations with innovators changing mobility and its impact on society.

Grayson is a thought-leader who regularly provides insights to publications including Bloomberg, Reuters, The Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, Hollywood Reporter and Forbes. His written opinions and insights have been featured by organizations including the Consumer Technology Association in presentations to the Federal Trade Commission.

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