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With Guest Daphna Meroz, Senior Director of Strategic Business Development, UVeye


We all know traditional vehicle inspections are time-consuming, manual, and often subjective. But what if there was an easier and more accurate way?

Enter UVeye, the industry’s first vehicle inspection system based on advanced AI, computer-vision, and machine learning technologies for use in dealerships, fleets, and auction spaces. The company has developed a set of products that scan the entire vehicle and detect any type of defect or damage— from alignment issues to minor scratches, and even bomb detection.

Together with its seamless, drive-through experience, UVeye is transforming vehicle inspections by enabling service providers to shift their focus to customers, thus building trust and transparency throughout the vehicle inspection process.

To learn more, we sat down with Daphna Meroz, Senior Director of Strategic Business Development, UVeye, to discuss the company’s technology, the type of data it analyzes, and how automated vehicle inspections will impact insurance companies and the used car market.



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