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With Guest EDWARD WALKER, Vice President & Shared Economy Practice Leader, HUB International Insurance Services, Inc.


Have you ever wondered if AVs and EVs are covered differently than traditional vehicles? What about rideshare services like Uber? Can the data from an intelligent vehicle be used in court? As mobility advances, so too must our understanding of coverage and protection in a shifting landscape.

To understand the risk factors associated with new mobility, we sat down with Edward Walker, Vice President & Shared Economy Practice Leader at HUB International Insurance Services. Edward shares his insight on multi-state exposure in rideshare services, the risk perspectives of AVs and EVs, privacy concerns around telematics in vehicles, and much more.

Since 2017, Edward has built a book of business that serves gig economy and on-demand service-based clients throughout the United States and abroad. Whether it’s the state of the gig economy or the AV and EV market, this conversation touches on a wide variety of factors impacting insurance coverage in a changing world.


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