IAQG-1 Standards Management Committee Meets in Brussels

The IAQG Standards Council held another successful meeting on April 19 (see photo) along with the IAQG-1 Standards Management Committee on April 17 (see photo) in conjunction with IAQG Week in Brussels, Belgium. Both groups confirmed their leadership with Alan Daniels serving as the IAQG-1 Standards Management Committee Chair supported by Buddy Cressionnie and Antonio Saldana as Vice Chairs, and Alfio Mantineo and Tommy Maxwell as Secretaries. Susie Neal will serve as the IAQG Standards Council Chair supported by Fortunato Giardina as Vice Chair.

Just prior to the meeting, the IAQG-1 Standards Management Committee kicked off its first “IA” pilot ballot using SAE StandardsWorks™ to ballot “IA™9137 Guidance for the Application of AQAP 2110 within a 9100 Quality Management System”. The ballot was successfully completed. The next step is to review/resolve the minor comments received, then move on to the IAQG Standards Council as a secondlevel ballot while simultaneously initiating the translation process.

In partnership between IAQG and SAE, the IAQG Standards Council and IAQG-1 Standards Management Committee will use a single, common, online workflow to streamline the development and publication of the new IA91xx aerospace quality standards. The goal is to increase speed to market while improving global distribution management through a single, global publisher.

For additional information on the IAQG Standards Council, please contact Rebecca Lemon, SAE International, at +1 724-772-4083.

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