New SAE Standard Covers Test Fuels and Fluids for use in Simulating Real World Testing

A new SAE Recommended Practice covers the use of standardized test fuels and fluids in materials testing.

Commercially available vehicle fuels can vary significantly between manufacturers, batches, seasons, blends, additives and geographic locations. This variability can make consistent testing of engines and materials difficult, so much so that the use of standardized test fluids is required in order to limit the variability of commercial fuels and fluids.

SAE’s new Recommended Practice: J1681 Gasoline, Alcohol, and Diesel Fuel Surrogates for Materials Testing presents recommendations for fuels and fluids that can be used to simulate real world fuels. The document explains commercial automotive fuel components, defines standardized components of materials test fluids, defines a terminology for test fluids, defines handling and usage of test fluids, and recommends fluids for test use.

This recommended practice was produced by the SAE Fuel System Standards Committee. Sponsor of the document is Bob Patzelt, Laboratory Director at Gage Products Company.

You can reach out to SAE Standards Committee Manager Mark Zar at if you want to know more about the work of the Fuel System Standards Committee, or if you have an interest in contributing your knowledge to its efforts.

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