S-18 meets at SAE Headquarters

SAE hosts the Aircraft and Systems Development and Safety Assessment Committee.

The SAE S-18, Aircraft and Systems Development and Safety Assessment Committee which collaborates with EUROCAE WG-63 held a recent meeting at the SAE International headquarters in Warrendale, PA, USA. Committee members were able to connect in -person and finalize revisions to the “Foundations of Aircraft and Systems Safety”: SAE ARP4754A™ Guidelines for Development of Civil Aircraft and Systems, and SAE ARP4761™ standard: Guidelines and Methods for Conducting the Safety Assessment Process on Civil Airborne Systems and Equipment. We spoke with a number of S-18’s members, and many expressed the importance of participating and driving these critical documents forward.

Systems Discipline Chief Meade Ferrigan mentioned the productive synergy that takes place during these meetings.

“Everybody has different experiences, and something different to bring to the table. That’s important to make sure that the things we develop—our standards—will work for everyone who needs them,” Meade said.

Cybersecurity expert Christopher Sundberg emphasized the importance and benefit of having such a diverse array of members within the S-18 Committee.

“With global collaboration, cultural differences help when we talk about safety and security because of the nuances with regulation authority that we must accommodate for. Having such a broad industry perspective allows us to hear what other people are thinking, identify with those items, and then take those different viewpoints into how we develop our standards,” Christopher said.

As well as wrapping up ARP4754B and ARP4761A, the committee also progressed a number of other standards initiatives to address systems safety for new technologies and with new approaches, working on documents for autonomy, STPA, cybersecurity mitigation and the use of MBSE (Model-Based Systems Engineering) in the safety assessment process.

As the SAE S-18, Aircraft and Systems Development and Safety Assessment Committee continues to develop high quality standards, find out how you can participate today. For more information, please email Kevin Bires.

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