S-9 Committee Meets in Savannah, GA

The SAE S-9 Committee met May 9-11 at Gulfstream facilities in Savannah, GA.

During the 3-day meeting, the S-9A Safety Equipment and Survival Systems Committee spent their time working on revising the SAE AS8994™ Standard - Emergency Escape Slides, Ramp/Slides and Slide/Rafts to establish the minimum performance requirements that will be in the upcoming revisions to TSO-C69c (FAA) and ETSO-C69c (EASA).

The S-9B Cabin Interiors and Furnishings Committee finalized the total revision of SAE ARP1384E™ Standard - Passenger Safety Information System, which should be published within the next 1-2 months. The S-9 Committee is pictured here in front of a Gulfstream G700.

For more information on the S-9 Committee, contact Rhonda Joseph.

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