SAE’s Aerospace Power and Propulsion Information Products translate theory into aerospace engineering practice.  Current, relevant research regarding aerospace power and propulsion can be difficult to find. SAE’s Aerospace Power and Propulsion subscriptions are designed to cut down your search time and provide you with fast, easy access to a wide spectrum of materials within the feature-rich SAE MOBILUS® technical resource platform, increasing efficiency and powering progress.


Access the most relevant historical and current standards surrounding aerospace power and propulsion technologies from committees, including G-22, E-25, E-30 and EG-1.

Technical Papers

Stay up-to-date with new advancements in applied methods and technologies in these peer-reviewed papers by respected aerospace power and propulsion engineers.


Improve your knowledge on topics — ranging from electric aircraft to renewable fuels — in these books written for technical professionals.


Power & Propulsion Annual Subscription

Access thousands of pieces of aerospace power and propulsion content with this collection of SAE Technical Papers, books, videos, feature articles,  white papers and Tech Insights, updated as new resources are published.

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Power & Propulsion Standards Subscription

Gain annual access to the most relevant historical and current standards output from the Aerospace Engine Supplier Quality (AESQ) Committee (G-22), General Standards for Aerospace and Propulsion Systems Committee (E-25), Aerospace Propulsion Systems Health Management Committee (E-32), Aerospace Propulsion System  Support Equipment Committee (EG-1) and more.

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So You Want to Design Engines: UAV Propulsion Systems

This book will cover several UAV propulsion technologies, ranging from modification of conservative designs to assessing the potential of unconventional arrangements. Each chapter provides a glimpse of how researchers are leveraging different fuel types, powerplants, and system architectures in the pursuit of powerful, efficient, and robust UAV propulsion.

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Technical Paper

Virtualization X Real Component: The Advantages of System Modeling on the Automotive Development Process

The automotive industry has been facing a great challenge on the current market. With the rapid advance of technology and the growth complexity of its projects, one question comes up: how to speed up development time, while increasing options for the products, maintaining the quality and keeping the competitiveness at the same time?

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