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Featured Collections

Advanced Manufacturing

The Advanced Manufacturing Annual Subscription is a collection of technical papers, books, videos, magazines, white papers, and TechInsights all related to advanced manufacturing areas of interest for aerospace and automotive manufacturing professionals. The technical content provides relevant, practical information on advanced manufacturing emerging methods and practices as it relates to advanced materials, innovative manufacturing methodologies, and post-process testing.

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Automated and Connected

The Automated and Connected Vehicle subscription provides unlimited access to SAE Technical Papers, Books, Journal Articles and Standards covering global applied research, development and applications in automated and connected vehicle technologies. The information in this resource will help you develop complex driving and safety systems, work with simulation and testing scenarios, and more.

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SAE EDGE™ Research Reports

SAE EDGE™ Research Reports provide state-of-the-art and state-of-industry examinations of the most significant topics facing the mobility industry today including Connected and Automated Vehicle Technologies, Electrification, and Advanced Manufacturing. They are available for purchase as individual reports or as a subscription delivering topical content with pivotal insights from industry as it publishes.

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Accident Reconstruction

The papers in this collection focus on the latest research related to methods and techniques for reconstructing vehicular crashes involving wheeled and tracked vehicles, pedestrians, and roadside features. Emphasis is placed on experimental data and theoretical methods that will enable reconstructionists to identify, interpret and analyze physical evidence from vehicular crashes.

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Featured Journals

Transportation Cybersecurity and Privacy

A scholarly publication of original high-quality scientific articles focusing on the Cyber Physical System (CPS) related areas of transportation cybersecurity and privacy.

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An essential resource for anyone in academia, industry, or government seeking the latest studies and technology in aerospace engineering.

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Electrified Vehicles

The SAE International Journal of Electrified Vehicles provides a forum for peer-reviewed scholarly publication of original research and survey papers that address novel modeling tools, control and optimization methods applied to components, systems, and technologies concerning electrified powertrains (hybrid or full electric)—ground, aerial, and naval.

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Featured Books

Manufacturing System and Process Development for Vehicle Assembly

The evolution and execution of automotive manufacturing are explored in this fundamental manual. It is an excellent reference for entry level manufacturing engineers and also serves as a training guide for nonmanufacturing professionals.

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Fundamentals of Integrated Vehicle Realization

Automotive manufacturers and suppliers are under pressure to transform themselves and deliver a higher level of product refinement coupled with more functionality. This could lead to the sprouting of organizational structures not in alignment with the required product development phases.

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Managing Aerospace Projects

Over the next twenty years, the role and contributions of successfully managed projects will continue to grow in importance to aerospace organizations, especially considering the demands of emerging markets. The accompanying challenges will be how to effectively reduce product and process cost where known (incremental) and unknown (transformational) technological innovation is required.

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Integrated Vehicle Health Management - Systems of Systems Integration

Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM) is the unified capability of a system of systems (SoS) to assess the current or future state of the member system health, and integrate it within a framework of available resources and operational demand. As systems complexities have increased, so have system support costs, driven by more frequent and often enigmatic subsystem failures.

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