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Bringing academia, industry, and government together, SAE’s publications combine applied and theoretical insights to engineers and researchers solving challenges today. Explore SAE’s collection of Technical Papers, Scholarly Journals, Books, and EDGE Research Reports to build team knowledge sharing and collaboration.

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Comparison of On-Road Highway Fuel Economy and All-Electric Range to Label Values


As consumers transition from internal combustion engine (ICE)-powered vehicles to battery electric vehicles (BEV), they will expect the same fuel economy label-to-on-road correlation. Current labeling procedures for BEVs allow a 0.7 or higher multiplier to be[...]


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A Compendium of Passenger Vehicle Event Data Recorder Literature and Analysis of Validation Studies


This paper presents a comprehensive literature review of original equipment event data recorders (EDR) installed in passenger vehicles, as well as a summary of results from the instrumented validation studies. The authors [...]


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Examination of Bendix® Data Recording (BDR) Records for Use in Crash Analysis


Electronic control units of Bendix® ABS/ESC and Collision Mitigation Systems have the capability to record event data in the ABS/ESC control unit. Bendix refers to this event data recording functionality as the Bendix Data Recorder (BDR) [...]


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Strategy to Adopt ISO/SAE 21434 Cyber Security Assurance Level in the Organization


The recent standard, ISO/SAE 21434, is introduced to address the cybersecurity requirements for the development of electrical and electronic components in the road vehicles. This standard has introduced a new classification [...]


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Composite Materials Handbook


This 6-volume set includes critical properties of composite materials that meet specific data requirements, as well as guidelines for design, analysis, material selection, manufacturing, quality control, and repair. This newly-updated [...]


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ADAS and Automated Driving: A Practical Approach to Verification and Validation


The day will soon come when you will be able to verbally communicate with a vehicle and instruct it to drive to a location. The car will navigate through street traffic and take you [...]


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Fundamentals of Vehicle Dynamics, Revised Edition


A world-recognized expert in the science of vehicle dynamics, Dr. Thomas Gillespie has created an ideal reference book that has been used by engineers for 30 years, ranging from an introduction to the subject at the university [...]


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The Design of Aircraft Landing Gear


The aircraft landing gear and its associated systems represent a compelling design challenge: simultaneously a system, a structure, and a machine, it supports the aircraft on the ground, absorbs landing and braking energy,[...]


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SAE International Journal of Engines


The SAE International Journal of Engines is a scholarly, peer-reviewed research Journal dedicated to internal combustion engine science and engineering. The Journal spotlights innovative and archival technical report [...]


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SAE International Journal of Materials & Manufacturing


The SAE International Journal of Materials and Manufacturing publishes peer-reviewed, authoritative, and in-depth research in the areas of materials, design, testing, and manufacturing related to [...]


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SAE International Journal of Electrified Vehicles


The SAE International Journal of Electrified Vehicles (formerly SAE International Journal of Alternative Powertrains) provides a forum for peer-reviewed scholarly publication of original research and survey [...]


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SAE International Journal of Aerospace


The SAE International Journal of Aerospace is the preeminent source for peer-reviewed, cutting-edge engineering research within the aerospace industry. The Journal is an essential resource for anyone in industry, [...]


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Next-generation Sensors for Automated Road Vehicles


This follow-up report to the inaugural SAE EDGE Research Report on “Unsettled Topics Concerning Sensors for Automated Road Vehicles” reviews the progress made in automated vehicle (AV) sensors over the past four [...]


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The Path to Safe Machine Learning for Automotive Applications


Recent rapid advancement in machine learning (ML) technologies have unlocked the potential for realizing advanced vehicle functions that were previously not feasible using traditional approaches [...]


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Electric Vehicle Recharge Time, Reliability, and Interoperability


As more consumers and operators adopt electric vehicles (EVs) as personal and fleet vehicles, questions regarding recharge time, reliability, and interoperability of EV supply equipment and charging systems [...]


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Unsettled Topics Concerning Flying Cars for Urban Air Mobility


Flying cars—as a new type of vehicle for urban air mobility (UAM)—have become an important development trend for the transborder integration of automotive and aeronautical technologies and industries [...]


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Explore our comprehensive technology collections, ideal for companies or departments that are looking for research on a specific topic and who value the convenience of always having the latest documents at their fingertips.

Vehicle Electrification


This annual subscription delivers a comprehensive collection of more than 4,500 SAE technical papers, 350 standards, and 13 e-books covering all aspects of electric vehicle design, production, testing, and maintenance. Content is updated regularly, so you’ll [...]


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Advanced Manufacturing


The Advanced Manufacturing Annual Subscription is a collection of technical papers, books, videos, magazines, white papers, and TechInsights all related to advanced manufacturing areas of interest for aerospace and automotive manufacturing [...]


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Automated & Connected


The Automated and Connected Vehicle subscription provides unlimited access to SAE Technical Papers, Books, Journal Articles and Standards covering global applied research, development and applications in automated and connected vehicle technologies [...]


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Accident Reconstruction


The Accident Reconstruction Technology subscription provides unlimited access to SAE Technical Papers covering more than 50 years of global applied research, development and applications in the field of accident reconstruction. The information in this [...]


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