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Welding Aluminum - Questions and Answers, 2nd Edition B-AWS-006

This practical guide to troubleshooting aluminum welding-related problems is based on real-life questions and answers from author Tony Anderson's long-running column in the Welding Journal.

The 2nd edition of this book was produced in order to include additional sections that enhance the already comprehensive material that was included in the 1st edition.

Some of the additional topics that have been added are:
The Reduction in Strength of Aluminum Base Material after Welding - and the effect of filler alloy selection on the strength of fillet welds.

Post Weld Processing - options available for regaining lost strength and returning aluminum alloys to their original condition after welding.

Explanations of Aluminum Heat Treatment Terms - such as solid solution hardening, precipitation hardening, age hardening, natural aging, artificial aging, annealing, stabilizing, and stress-relieving, and their affect on aluminum alloys.

The use of Aluminum in Cryogenic Applications

Exfoliation Corrosion and Intergranular Corrosion in Aluminum - ASTM B 928/B 928M Standard Specification for High Magnesium Aluminum-Alloy Sheet and Plate for Marine Service.

Modes of Metal Transfer Preferable to Aluminum Welding - Globular-to-spray transition currents.

Open Root Joint Welding of Aluminum Pipes. 8. Stud Welding of Aluminum - Drawn Arc Stud Welding and Capacitor Discharge Stud Welding.

An Overview of Plasma Arc Cutting of Aluminum - comparison of plasma arc, laser and water jet.

Brazing and Soldering of Aluminum Alloys - an overview of many brazing and soldering techniques.

Welding Specification for Friction Stir Welding - an overview of the AWS D17.3/D17.3M:2010 Specification for Friction Stir Welding of Aluminum Alloys for Aerospace Applications.


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