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Brake NVH: Testing and Measurements

Brake Technology Handbook

Chassis Dynamometer Testing: Addressing the Challenges of New Global Legislation

Disc Brake Squeal

Electronic Braking, Traction, and Stability Controls, Volume 2

Shock Absorber Handbook, Second Edition

The Automotive Chassis

Automotive Software Engineering, Second Edition

Multiplexed Networks for Embedded Systems

Vehicle Multiplex Communication

Adaptive Cruise Control

Automotive Microcontrollers, Volume 2

Distributed Automotive Embedded Systems

Dynamic Analysis and Control System Design of Automatic Transmissions

Fundamentals of Engineering High-Performance Actuator Systems

Infotainment Systems

Object Detection, Collision Warning and Avoidance Systems, Volume 2

Sensors and Transducers, Second Edition

Standard Handbook for Aerospace Engineers, 2nd Edition

V2V/V2I Communications for Improved Road Safety and Efficiency

X-By-Wire Automotive Systems

Engine Emissions Measurement Handbook

Particulate Emissions from Vehicles

Advanced Developments in Ultra-Clean Gasoline-Powered Vehicles

Automotive Fuels Reference Book, Third Edition

Diesel Exhaust Aftertreatment 2000-2007

Fuel Cell Technology for Vehicles 2002-2004

Fuel Cell Technology Handbook

Fuel/Engine Interactions

Technologies for Near-Zero-Emission Gasoline-Powered Vehicles

Variable Valvetrain System Technology

Fleet Manager's Guide to Vehicle Specification and Procurement, Second Edition

Fleet Services - Managing to Redefine Success

Chevrolet Volt--Development Story of the Pioneering Electrified Vehicle

Fundamentals of Integrated Vehicle Realization

Modern Engine Technology from A to Z

Project Management for Automotive Engineers: A Field Guide

Successful Prediction of Product Performance

The System Integration Process for Accelerated Development

Automotive Vehicle Assembly Processes and Operations Management

Design for Additive Manufacturing: Concepts and Considerations for the Aerospace Industry

Manufacturing System and Process Development for Vehicle Assembly

Adhesive Joining of Structural Components: New Insights and Technologies

Automated/Mechanized Drilling and Countersinking of Airframes

Automotive Lubricants Reference Book, Second Edition

Care and Repair of Advanced Composites, Second Edition

Engineered Tribological Composites

Materials Technology Gaps in Metal Additive Manufacturing

Mechanics Modeling of Sheet Metal Forming

Plastics Application Technology for Lightweight Automobiles

Principles of Vibration Analysis with Applications in Automotive Engineering

Advanced Three-way Catalysts

Design of Racing and High-Performance Engines 2004-2013

Engine Combustion: Pressure Measurement and Analysis

Engine Design Concepts for World Championship Grand Prix Motorcycles

Engine Failure Analysis

Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) Engines

Internal Combustion Engine Handbook, 2nd English Edition

Introduction to Internal Combustion Engines, Fourth Edition

Laser Diagnostics and Optical Measurement Techniques in Internal Combustion Engines

Nonlinear and Hybrid Systems in Automotive Control

Prototype Powertrain in Motorsport Endurance Racing


Unwinding Electric Motors: Strategic Perspectives and Insights for Automotive Powertrain Applications

Automotive Electronics Reliability, Volume 2

Automotive Vehicle Safety

Child Anthropometry for Improved Vehicle Occupant Safety

Driver Distraction and Inattention

Event Data Recorders

Integrated Automotive Safety Handbook

Neck Injury Biomechanics

Occupant and Vehicle Responses in Rollovers

Occupant Protection and Automobile Safety in the U.S. since 1900

Passenger Safety and Convenience Systems

Recent Developments in Automotive Safety Technology

Tire Forensic Investigation

Vehicle Battery Fires: Why They Happen and How They Happen

Vehicle Compatibility in Automotive Crashes

Aerodynamics of Road Vehicles, Fifth Edition

Autonomous Technologies: Applications That Matter

Heavy-Duty Wheeled Vehicles: Design, Theory, Calculations

Theory and Applications of Aerodynamics for Ground Vehicles