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SAE International Journal of Aerospace 2020 Special Issue: Innovations for Sustainable Aviation JRN-AS-SI-01

Volume 13, Issue 2, 2020

All articles of this special issue have been carefully selected to cover challenges in the industry relating to sustainability, the conversion to electrical usage, the challenge of increasing propulsion efficiency in conventional propulsion, and the digital transformation of the entire ecosystem.

Special Issue Editors:

T. Hikmet Karakoc, Eskisehir Technical University
Konstantinos Stamoulis, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Önder Turan, Eskisehir Technical University

The SAE International Journal of Aerospace archives historic findings and illuminates the future of aerospace engineering and how we plan to get there and covers a range of subject areas, including propulsion, safety and reliability, software, systems, rotorcraft, maintenance, and general aviation.

The articles included in this special issue comprise a variety of articles developed from presentations at the ISSA-2019, ISEAS-2019, and ISATECH-2019 conferences and gives an introduction to the important relationship between sustainable aviation, electric aircraft, aircraft maintenance, and airline operations. These articles contribute to the theoretical and practical scientific understanding of how we can design and implement a suitable, sustainable, environmentally benign, and low-cost transportation system.

Article Titles:

- An Investigation on the Electrical Energy Capacity of Cylindrical Lithium-Ion and Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Cells for Hybrid Aircraft
- Laser-Assisted Filler-Based Joining for Battery Assembly in Aviation
- Semi-empirical Combustion Efficiency Prediction of an Experimental Air-Blasted Tubular Combustor
- Single Turboshaft Engine Failure Analysis of an Inner Bus Tie Architecture for Turboelectric Distributed Propulsion System
- Nonlinear Flutter Analysis of Curved panel Under Mechanical and Thermal Loads Using Semi-Analytical and Finite Volume Methods
- Design of a 1.2 kW Interleaved Synchronous Buck Converter for Retrofit Applications in Aviation Systems
- Three-Dimensional Thermal Study on Lithium-Ion Batteries in a Hybrid Aircraft: Numerical and Experimental Investigations
- From the Guantanamo Bay Crash to Objective Fatigue Hazard Identification in Air Transport
- Mechanical Response of Hybrid Laminated Polymer Nanocomposite Structures: A Multilevel Numerical Analysis
- Exergetic Investigation of a Turboshaft Helicopter Engine Related to Engine Power
- Particle Swarm Optimization with Required Time of Arrival Constraint for Aircraft Trajectory

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