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SAE International Journal of Commercial Vehicles 2021 Special Issue: Modern Engineering Challenges Related to Commercial Vehicle Dynamics, Powertrain Modeling, Thermal Management, and Cybersecurity JRN-CV-SI-03

All articles in this special issue have been carefully selected to cover new developments and research on vehicle dynamics, powertrain modeling, thermal management, and cybersecurity as they relate to commercial vehicles.

Special Issue Editors:

Benjamin Duprey, Mechanical Simulation Corporation, USA

Russell Truemner, Systems Research Engineering LLC, USA

Xiaobo Yang, Oshkosh Corporation, USA

The SAE International Journal of Commercial Vehicles publishes scientific articles on the design, modeling, controlling, and testing of commercial vehicles that bring strong empirical and theoretical contributions to the current and future body of knowledge.

The articles in this special issue comprise a variety of articles developed from SAE International’s commercial vehicles engineering event, the Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress (COMVEC). The conference brings together engineers, managers, academicians, and government employees that have an interest in various aspects of commercial vehicles, both for on- and off-road applications.

Article Titles:

- Detailed Modeling of Pneumatic Braking in Long Combination Vehicles
- Cavitation Erosion Prediction at Vibrating Walls by Coupling Computational Fluid Dynamics and Multi-Body-Dynamic Solutions
- Cabin Thermal Management Analysis for SuperTruck II Next-Generation Hybrid Electric Truck Design
- A Reinforcement Learning Algorithm for Speed Optimization and Optimal Energy Management of Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems and Connected Vehicles
- 48V Exhaust Gas Recirculation Pump: Reducing Carbon Dioxide with High-Efficiency Turbochargers without Increasing Engine-Out NOx
- Multipurpose Longitudinal Distance-Based Driver for On-Road and Off-Road Vehicles
- Real-time Network Defense of SAE J1939 Address Claim Attacks
- Mitigating Hot-Spots in Multi-Disk Oil Cooled Brake Using Machine Learning
- Thermal Energy Performance Evaluation and Architecture Selection for Off-Highway Equipment
- A Real-Time-Capable Simulation Model for Off-Highway Applications Considering Soft Soil
- Methodology for Controlling Nitrogen Oxides Emissions During Cold Start
- A Hybrid System and Method for Estimating State of Charge of a Battery
- Applying a Driven Turbocharger with Turbine Bypass to Improve Aftertreatment Warm-Up and Diesel Nitrous Oxides Conversion
- Sensitivity Analysis of Reinforcement Learning-Based Hybrid Electric Vehicle Powertrain Control
- Development of a Rotary Screw Compressor for Electric Truck Air Brake and Suspension Systems

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