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SAE International Journal of Commercial Vehicles 2022 Special Issue: Recent Advances in Vehicle Cabin Air Quality Measurement, Control, and Development of Test Methods JRN-CV-SI-04

Volume 15, Issue 4, 2022

All articles in this special issue provide insights into all aspects of vehicle cabin air quality research: cabin air quality of vehicles, development of vehicle cabin air quality test methods, development and testing of cabin filters, development and testing of new devices to measure or reduce pollutants in the vehicle cabin, VOC emissions in the vehicle cabin, self-pollution of vehicles.

Special Issue Co-Editors
Heejung Jung, University of California, Riverside, USA
Andrey Kozlov, State Research Center of the Russian Federation Chair of United Nations Economic Commissions for Europe (UNECE), The Working Party on Pollution and Energy (GRPE), and the Informal Working Group (IWG) on Vehicle Interior Air Quality (VIAQ), Russia

The SAE International Journal of Commercial Vehicles is to showcase state-of-the-art engineering research by promoting high-quality theoretical and applied investigations. The Journal achieves this goal by publishing only those peer-reviewed scientific articles on the design, modeling, controlling, and testing of commercial vehicles that bring strong empirical and theoretical contributions to the current and future body of knowledge.

Drivers and passengers are exposed to high concentrations of air pollutants while driving. Their exposure while driving constitutes the majority of exposure throughout the day. Therefore, it is of tremendous importance to assess exposure and develop a vehicle HVAC system to improve vehicle cabin air quality. There are outstanding earlier pioneering works that report high concentrations of air pollutants in the vehicle cabin on the road. Some suggested modifications on vehicle HVAC systems to improve vehicle cabin air quality have been occurring recently and this field of research is getting more attention from the public. This special issue includes papers which discuss all aspects of vehicle cabin air quality research.

Article Titles:

- Editorial: Reducing Daily Exposure to Mobile Source Air Toxics by Improving Vehicle Cabin Air Quality
- Real-Driving Measurement of Vehicle Interior Air Quality and Cabin Air Filtering Performance by Using Low-Cost Sensors
- Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation of Inter-Vehicle Ventilation Systems: A New Design Approach
- Providing a Controllable Lab Test Environment for Assessing the Performance of Vehicle Cabin Air Purification Systems by Determining the Air Quality Regarding PM2.5 and CO2
- Flow Visualisation and Particle Dispersion Measurements Inside an Ambulance Rear Saloon while Stationary and in Motion
- Improved Vehicle Cabin Air Quality by Control of Air Recirculation Using Spatiotemporally Resolved Interactive Air Quality Map
- Evaluating Repeatability and Reproducibility of CEN Workshop Real Driving Cabin Air Quality Testing Method

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