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SAE International Journal of Vehicle Dynamics, Stability, and NVH
2022: Special Issue on Vehicle Motion Controls: From Chassis Controls to Autonomous Vehicle Control—Present Technologies and Future Vision JRN-NV-SI-02

Volume 6, Issue 4, 2022

All of the papers in this special issue focus on state of the art and new challenges in Vehicle Motion Control (VMC) to advance the Autonomous Vehicle Control (AVC), as well as the Autonomous Vehicles industry. AVC is one of the major challenges facing the automotive industry; a major part of the AVC is based on the VMC systems. The new generations of VMC systems will provide significant support for the AVC to being autonomous vehicles to the mass production market.

Special Issue Co-Editors:
Dr. Mina Kaldas, Ford Motor Company
Dr. Sergio Trimboli, Ford Motor Company
Dr. Darrel Recker, Ford Motor Company
Dr. Christian Hoersken, Ford Motor Company

The SAE International Journal of Vehicle Dynamics, Stability, and NVH is a scholarly publication dedicated to publishing papers focused on vehicle dynamics, stability, noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH). This platform provides researchers, engineers, and academicians an avenue to present their advanced theoretical and experimental work for developing quieter, more comfortable, and dynamically superior vehicles.

The special issue editors believe that this special issue on “Vehicle Motion Controls” will be fascinating for researchers and industries with a focus on the challenges in VMC to advance the AVC and the Autonomous Vehicles industry as well. The VMC systems already found their way into mass production vehicles years ago and are still in continuous development to bring new features to market and employ Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Hence, many challenges in VMC remain since the mechanism of controlling the vehicle motion safely and comfortably over a wide range of operating and driving conditions is complex. Therefore, the focus of this special issue is on the challenges in VMC to advance the AVC and the Autonomous Vehicles industry as well. The articles published in the special issue provide the readers with an overview of current developments in the VMC and give insights into future research topics.

Article Titles:
- Model Following Damping Force Control for Vehicle Body Motion during Transient Cornering
- Experimental Assessment of a Controlled Slippage Magnetorheological Automotive Active Suspension for Ride Comfort
- Road Preview Control for Active Suspension System
- Enhancing Ride Comfort and Stability of a Large Van Using an Improved Semi-active Stability Augmentation System
- Initial Pitch Control for Semi-active Suspension System
- Effect of Optimal Fuzzy Models for Pneumatic Magnetorheological Suspension System on Ride Performance under Different Conditions
- Investigation of Vehicle Stability by Integration of Active Suspension, Torque Vectoring, and Direct Yaw Control
- Simulation Analysis of Automatic Emergency Braking System under Constant Steer Conditions
- Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing of a Hybrid Brake-by-Wire System for Electric Vehicles

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