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Connected Aircraft Standards Subscription

The Connected Aircraft Standards Subscription is an annual subscription to the historical and current standards output by the following committees:

  • (AE-8) Aero Electrical Electronics Distribution Systems
  • (AE-8A) Elec Wiring and Fiber Optic Interconnect Sys Install
  • (AE-8B) Protective and Control Devices
  • (AE-8C1) Connectors Committee
  • (AE-8D) Wire and Cable Committee
  • (AS-1) Aircraft Systems and Systems Integration
  • (AS-1A) Avionic Networks Committee
  • (AS-1C) Avionic Subsystems Committee
  • (AS-2) Embedded Computing Systems Committee
  • (AS-2D) Time Triggered Systems and Architecture Committee
  • (AS-2D1) Time-Triggered Fieldbus
  • (AS-2D2) Deterministic Ethernet and Unified Networking
  • (AS-3) Fiber Optics and Applied Photonics Committee
  • (AS-4) Unmanned Systems Steering Committee
  • (AS-4JAUS) Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems Committee
  • (AS-4UCS) Unmanned Systems Control Segment Architecture
  • (ASD) Avionic Systems Div Executive Committee
  • Air Traffic Management (ATM) Steering Group
  • Digital and Data Steering Group
  • (E-39) Unmanned Aircraft Propulsion Committee
  • (G-10E) Enhanced Vision Synthetic Vision Systems Committee
  • (G-19) Counterfeit Electronic Parts Committee
  • (G-25) Avionics and Electronics Corrosion Committee
  • (HM-1) Integrated Vehicle Health Management Committee

Updated as new standards are published, users will have access to all the latest aerospace standards surrounding connected aircraft architecture, systems, and components.

Features and benefits:

  • Receive the latest aerospace standards related to connected aircraft while still retaining access to the historical versions.
  • Dynamic standards red-lining eliminates manual version comparison.
  • In-platform annotation lets users share knowledge with colleagues.

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Please note: Online purchasing is only available for single users. If you would like to purchase a subscription for multiple users, please contact the SAE Sales Team directly:

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