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MRO Standards Subscription

The MRO Standards Subscription is an annual subscription to the historical and current standards output by the following committees:

  • AGE-3 Aircraft Ground Support Equipment Committee
  • Aerospace Industry Steering Committee on Structural Health
  • G-19 Counterfeit Electronic Parts Committee
  • G-19A Test Laboratory Standards Development Committee
  • G-19AD Authorized Distributor Committee
  • E-32 Aerospace Propulsion Systems Health Management Committee
  • HM-1 Integrated Vehicle Health Management Committee
  • AMS AM Additive Manufacturing Metals Committee
  • AMS AM Additive Manufacturing Polymer Committee
  • AMS CACRC Commercial Aircraft Composite Repair Committee
  • G-19C Standards Compliance Verification Committee
  • G-19C1 Continuous Improvment Committee
  • G-19D Distributor Committee
  • G-19DR Distributor Risk Characterization Committee
  • G-19T Terms and Definitions Committee
  • G-20 Airport Lighting Committee
  • G-21 Counterfeit Material Committee
  • G21R Counterfeit Refrigerants Committee
  • G-23 Manufacturing Management Committee
  • G-25 Avionics and Electronics Corrosion Committee
  • G-11 Reliability Maint Support and Probabilistic Methods Committee
  • G-11M Maintainability, Supportability and Logistics Committee
  • G-11PM Probabilistic Methods Committee
  • G-11R Reliability Committee
  • AMS J Aircraft Maintenance Chemicals and Materials Committee
  • G-45 Human Systems Integration Committee
  • ASEC Aerospace Surface Enhancement Committee
  • AMS G8 Aerospace Organic Coatings Committee
  • AMS G9 Aerospace Sealing Comittee
  • G-41 Reliability Committee
  • G-47 Systems Engineering Committee
  • G-48 System Safety Committee
  • EIDM Enterprise Information and Data Management Committee

Updated as new standards are published, users will have access to all the latest aerospace standards surrounding MRO methods, materials, and technologies.

Features and benefits:

  • Receive the latest aerospace standards related to MRO technologies, materials, and methods while still retaining access to the historical versions.
  • Dynamic standards red-lining eliminates manual version comparison.
  • In-platform annotation lets users share knowledge with colleagues.


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