The Power and Propulsion Standards Subscription is an annual subscription to the historical and current standards output by the following committees:

  • (G-22) Aerospace Engine Supplier Quality (AESQ) Committee
  • (G-27) Lithium Battery Packaging Performance
  • (A-21) Aircraft Noise Measure and Noise Aviation Emission Modeling
  • (AE-5) Aerospace Fuel, Inerting, and Lubrication Systems Steering Group
  • (AE-5A) Aerospace Fuel, Inerting, and Lubrication Systems
  • (AE-5B) Aircraft and Engine Fuel and Lubricant Systems Components
  • (AE-5C) Aviation Ground Fueling Systems
  • (AE-5D) Fuel Tank Flammability Reduction Systems
  • (EG-1) Aerospace Propulsion System Support Equipment
  • (EG-1B1) Power Tools
  • (S-15) Gas Turbine Performance Simulation Nomenclature and Interfaces
  • (E-38) Aviation Piston Engine Fuels and Lubricants
  • (E-31P) Particulate Matter
  • (E-34) Propulsion Lubricants
  • (S-12) Helicopter Powerplant
  • (E-32) Aerospace Propulsion Systems Health Management
  • (AE-1) Engine Accessory Installations
  • (AE-6) Starting Systems and Auxiliary Power
  • (E-25) General Standards for Aerospace and Propulsion Systems
  • (E-25A) Nuts/Inserts TG
  • (E-25B) Bolts/Studs/Screws TG
  • (E-25D) Lubricants/Coatings/Misc TG
  • (E-30) Propulsion Ignition Systems
  • (EG-1A) Balancing
  • (EG-1E) Gas Turbine Engine Test Facilities and Equipment
  • (S-16) Turbine Engine Inlet Flow Distortion
  • (EG-1B) Hand Tools
  • (E-33) In-Flight Propulsion Measurement
  • (E-36) Electronic Engine Controls

Updated as new standards are published, users will have access to all the latest aerospace standards surrounding power and propulsion methods, materials, and technologies.

Features and benefits:

  • Receive the latest aerospace standards related to power and propulsion technologies, materials, and methods while still retaining access to the historical versions.
  • Dynamic standards red-lining eliminates manual version comparison.
  • In-platform annotation lets users share knowledge with colleagues.

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