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SAE eBook Sustainability Collection (31 titles)
At SAE International we understand what happens today and tomorrow sets the stage for the future. Our book collection provides in-depth knowledge on sustainable mobility development. From electrification and alternative fuels to green practices in the automotive supply chain to case studies of successful sustainability projects, our books help engineers design the next generation of mobility solutions.

SAE eJournal Sustainability Collection 2018 thru 2023 (700+ articles)
This set of SAE journal articles is a subset of the full SAE eJournal Collection. 
These SAE journal articles were selected as they relate to the United Nations 17 Sustainability Goals.  They cover sustainability through the lens of mobility. The collection of more than 700 articles is anchored by six SAE International Journals: Electrified Vehicles; Sustainable Transportation, Energy, Environment, & Policy; Engines; Fuels and Lubricants; Commercial Vehicles; and Advances and Current Practices in Mobility (SAE’s proceedings journal). The first two journals are dedicated primarily to sustainability and cover novel and emerging research, developments, assessments, and more regarding sustainable transportation. The Engine, Fuels and Lubricants, and Commercial Vehicles journals frequently publish research articles on emissions, a critical aspect in sustainability, and our proceedings journal publishes the top papers from SAE events, a large proportion being devoted to sustainability and emissions research.

SAE EDGE Research Reports/Sustainability (20+ reports)
These reports are a subset of the full EDGE Research Reports collection.
They cover important technological aspects under the Sustainability concept as a whole. The reports assume sustainability as way to design, source and make new products without depleting resources or damaging the environment.
They also focus on the mobility industry (automotive, aerospace, and commercial vehicles), and how electrification, decarbonization, and the pursuit of a circular economy will support life with less waste and more sharing of assets.

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