Discover the Impact of SAE Content

SAE publications now feature the industry-standard Dimensions API and badge, giving authors and scholars seamless insights into how often, and where, each work is cited.


Dimensions Badge

Simply look for the Dimensions badge on each technical paper or journal article. Users can view its total number of scholarly citations, recent citations, and even citation ratios — updated in real time.

If a paper does not have a badge present, there are zero citations.

With Dimensions, it’s now easier than ever to demonstrate your own citation metrics and gauge the influence of a given piece of content.


Dimensions Page


Click the Dimensions badge to visit the Dimensions page for that particular resource. Here, users can explore the wider network of related research through linked citations.

This page offers a list of works citing the original article or paper, as well as a visualization of its research categories and influence within them. Through these tools, Dimensions gives users a rich experience as they drill down into related works. Critically, they demonstrate at a glance how research published with SAE influences the wider world of mobility engineering.