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SAE EDGE™ Research Reports

Each report is designed to identify critical issues and stimulate further discussion and research toward necessary frameworks, practices, and protocols for advancing the mobility industry.

Explore Critical Advancements. Inform Strategy.


SAE EDGE™ Research Reports provide state-of-the-art and state-of-industry examinations of the most significant topics facing the mobility industry today including Connected and Automated Vehicle Technologies, Electrification, and Advanced Manufacturing.

With a dedicated focus on pre-consensus or unsettled technologies, they offer a structured framework and methodical approach for thinking about and working with rapidly shifting technologies.


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Current Reports

Unlock your competitive edge with access to upcoming research reports in the following topical areas:

Automated and Connected Vehicle Technologies

  • Safety and Human-to-Vehicle Interactions
  • User Experience and Acceptance
  • Automated Driving Systems and Testing Validation
  • Insurance, Policy & Legal Challenges
  • Data Sharing, Privacy and the Competitive Edge

Advanced Manufacturing:

  • Additive Manufacturing: metals & ceramics
  • Human-Robot Automation & Collaboration
  • Smart Assembly Tools


Vehicle Electrification

  • Ammonia-Based Fuel Cells

Aerospace Advancements

  • eVTOL Applications
  • Aircraft Maintenance Credit Programs
  • Certification of e-Aircraft
  • New Air Traffic Management Systems
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SAE EDGE™ Research Reports are unique, fill a void and deliver value.

  • These reports provide a structured framework and methodical approach for thinking about and working with rapidly shifting technologies, helping to inform decision-making and strategy.
  • SAE EDGE Research Report contributors are experts from industry, academia and government who come together to explore and define the most critical advancements, challenges and future direction.
  • They report on unsettled technologies, and are intended to:
    • Offer useful information for sorting through critical issues and charting a path forward
    • Contribute to a better understanding of, and help anticipate and solve, key challenges
    • Provide helpful suggestions about avenues of investigation from a broad knowledge base of subject-matter experts