SAE EDGE™ Research Reports

SAE EDGETM Research Reports provide state-of-industry examinations of the most significant topics facing the mobility industry

How are the large-scale improvements in safety, energy, autonomy, or environment initiated?

They demand a disciplined multi-step process that starts with a review of current technology and identification of the problem’s root causes. Working with industries’ subject matter experts, SAE EDGE™ Research Reports set the platform to break down advanced technical questions, starting with the review, discussion, and recommendations.

With a dedicated focus on emerging topics in new mobility, they offer a structured State-of-Technology Framework and how to methodically approach rapidly shifting technologies.

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Accelerating Infrastructure Readiness for Autonomy: Experts Discuss the Challenges Ahead

How can we prepare for Autonomy? In this episode of The Mobility Frontier, experts discuss what challenges we can expect as mobility shifts towards a new driving experience.

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Featured Reports

Final Disposition of Electric Vehicle Batteries

Author(s): Julia Bush, Naseeb Souweidane
Affiliated: Center for Automotive Research, Center for Automotive Research

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Determining Design Properties for Metal Additive Manufacturing in the Mobility Industry

Author(s): Kevin Slattery
Affiliated: The Barnes Global Advisors

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Automated Vehicles, the Driving Brain, and Artificial Intelligence

Author(s): Ling Zheng
Affiliated: Chongqing University

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Legal Issues Facing Automated Vehicles, Facial Recognition, and Privacy Rights

Author(s): Brittany Eastman
Affiliated: University of Michigan

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Publications on Emerging Technologies


Bring the Mobility Industry into the Classroom

Are you looking for real-world engineering examples to incorporate into curriculum? Give engineering students and young professionals an opportunity to become familiar with industry jargon and to think critically about emerging technologies. Topics in new and emerging areas include AI in Commercial Aviation, Green Engineering, Green Fuels/SAF, Supersonic & Hypersonic Technologies, Thermal Management, Unmanned Systems, and many more.

Interested in Publishing an SAE EDGE Research Report?

SAE EDGE Research Reports are conversational thought pieces informed through discussions with a team of contributing experts. After identifying  your topic, work with your contributors to highlight the “problem areas” of the technology and develop a manuscript no more than 30 pages long.

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