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EDGE Research Reports - Automated and Connected

New! Evaluation of the In-vehicle Experience

New! Responder-to-Vehicle Technologies for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

New! Car-sharing Mobility-on-Demand Systems

New! Next-generation Sensors for Automated Road Vehicles

Automated Vehicles, the Driving Brain, and Artificial Intelligence

Automated Vehicles and Infrastructure Enablers: Accessibility

Autonomous Field Robotics

Automated Vehicles and Infrastructure Enablers: Transit

Legal Issues Facing Automated Vehicles, Facial Recognition and Privacy Rights 

Infrastructure Enablers and Automated Vehicles: Trucking

Design of the In-vehicle Experience

Automated Vehicles and Infrastructure Enablers

Human-like Decision-making and Control for Automated Driving

 Drive-by-Wire and Automated Driving System Availability

 Commercialization of Autonomous Agricultural Vehicles

HD Mapping Technology for Autonomous Driving and ADAS

Autonomous Vehicles and Open-source Software

Vehicle Autonomy, Artificial Intelligence, and Human-Machine Interaction

Sensor Calibration for Automotive Aftermarket Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems

Coating Detection by LiDARs on AVs

Legal Issues Facing Data in Autonomous, Connected, Electric, and Shared Vehicles

First- and Last-mile Transport

Commercial Vehicle Platooning 

Remote Operation for On-road Driving Automation

Obstacle Detection for Autonomous Agricultural Vehicles

Automated Driving Services in the Smart City Infrastructure

Impact of Quantum Technologies on Automotive Cybersecurity

Human and Autonomous Vehicle Interaction

Communication of Automated Vehicles with Other Road Users

Autonomous Public Transportation Systems

Policy Aspects of Automated Driving Systems

Automated Vehicles and Insurance 

Vehicle Data Sharing for Verification and Validation Purposes

User Experience and Acceptance of Automated Vehicles

Automated Driving Systems and the Development Ecosystem

Automated Vehicles and Infrastructure Enablers: Electrification

Semi-Automated Vehicles: Safety and Human Interactions on the Road to Full Autonomy

Legal Issues Facing Automated Vehicles

Autonomous System Validation and Verification Processes

Integrating Automated Electric Vehicles into a Mobility-as-a-Service Ecosystem and Effects on Traditional Transportation and Ownership

Field Testing of Automated Driving Systems

Balancing Virtual, Closed-Course, and Public-Road Testing of Automated Driving Systems

Determining Appropriate Modeling Fidelity for Automated Driving Systems Simulation

Autonomous Vehicle Test and Validation

Automated Driving Systems and the Transportation Ecosystem

Sensors for Automated Road Vehicles

Automated Vehicles and Infrastructure Enablers: Pavement Markings and Signs

Automated Vehicles: A Human/Machine Co-learning Perspective