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Episode 1

Episode Title: Metals, Polymers, or Composites: Industry Experts and Their Take on AM
Live Event: June 29, 2023

Metals, polymers, or composites? What are the differences in applying 3D printing to the different material systems and their applications? Dive into the world of additive manufacturing with Kevin Slattery and Michael Hayes as they share their vast experience in the field, while dissecting different applications, their challenges and how they are expected to develop over time.

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Kevin Slattery

Principal ADDvisor®

Kevin is a Principal ADDvisor® at The Barnes Global Advisors. His primary expertise is in metal additive and metals manufacturing, focusing on test program development and process and product verification, qualification, and certification. He was a 2020 Ambassador for America Makes, a member of the Materials Challenge Silver Medal team in the United States (US) Air Force Rapid Sustainment Office Advanced Manufacturing Olympics, and a 2022 SAE Contributor of the Year finalist. Kevin was previously the Chief Scientist for Additive Manufacturing at Boeing Research and Technology (BR&T), and served as Division Chief Engineer for the US Navy and US Air Force fighter aircraft and US Army rotorcraft in Boeing’s Military Sustainment organization. In addition to his six other first-in-the industry technology implementations, he has 39 patents.

Michael Hayes

Principal ADDvisor®

Michael is a Principal ADDvisor® at Barnes Global Advisors. His expertise is in the application of polymer Additive Manufacturing technologies. He spent 34+ years with McDonnell Douglas/Boeing in Structural Design and Additive Manufacturing (AM), where for the past two decades, he technically and strategically led the evolution of polymer AM from rapid prototyping into aerospace production through the engineering of material and process developments, requirement definitions, application selections, qualifications, testing, certifications, and technology transitions. Michael holds 16 U.S. patents with one pending. He has a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering and an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, both from the University of Missouri-Rolla.

Monica Nogueria



What are the biggest disruptors for materials in AM?

“…With the few exceptions, about 5% of the metals discussions are about reducing costs and buy to fly and 95% of the conversations are about new capability or reducing costs by new geometry and getting rid of new assemblies. It’s moved from a 1:1 substitute all the way to a whole new design and analysis methods.” -Kevin Slattery

With the industry now gaining more and more momentum, do you also see other material systems becoming important in AM?

“It’s not a particular material that has not been used yet but it’s going to be the integration or hybrid of multiple materials being grown in a single build. We’re getting out of the box now and not going to be limited to certain environmentals. It’s going to be all about the interface of the material blending together…” -Michael Hayes