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SAE EdgeTM Research Reports deliver clarity on shifting technologies and propose practical methods to better understand and solve key challenges facing mobility.

Technology, workforce, and infrastructure needs are rapidly leading to unanswered questions in mobility. SAE Edge Research Reports explore the most pressing topics that the industry is facing. The reports bring together industry experts, academic researchers, and policy makers to review the current state-of-industry, develop a gap analysis, and recommend viable solutions.



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Utilize Edge Research Reports to gain insight into unresolved current and future challenges, better inform decision-making, and strategy building.

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Featured Edge Research Reports


Textile Circularity and the Sustainability Model of New Mobility

Author(s): Ann Lee-Jeffs, Joanna Safi

Affiliated: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professional Education, MSBHAVE

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The Software-defined Vehicle and Its Engineering Evolution: Balancing Issues and Challenges in a New Paradigm of Product Development


Author(s): Partha Goswami

Affiliated: PG Mobility Analysis LLC

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The State of Systems Engineering Adoption in the Automotive Industry


Author(s): Anne O'Neil

Affiliated(s): AOC Systems Consortium

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Redefining Space Commerce: The Move Toward Servitization


Author(s): Samir Khan

Affiliated:University of Tokyo

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Unsettled Issues Regarding the Certification of Electric Aircraft


Author(s): Ravi Rajamani, Anna Mracek Dietrich

Affiliated: drR2 Consulting, AMD Consulting

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Unsettled Issues in Vehicle Autonomy, Artificial Intelligence, and Human-Machine Interaction


Author(s): Dr. Yung-Li Lee, FCA USA, LLC (retired)Mark E. Barkey, Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics, The University of Alabama, USA

Affiliated: FAW Group Corporation

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Unsettled Technology Areas in Autonomous Vehicle Test and Validation


Author(s): Rahul Razdan

Affiliated: Raztech Research Institute

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Unsettled Issues on HD Mapping Technology for Autonomous Driving and ADAS


Author(s): Thomas Bock

Affiliated: Porsche Digital Inc.

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Publications on Emerging Technologies

Automated and Connected

New! Automated Vehicles and Infrastructure Enablers: Curbs and Curbside Management

New! Two Approaches to Mobility Engineering

New! Privacy for Software-defined Battery Electric Vehicles

New! Toward an Integrated Transportation Pricing Approach Using Vehicle-based Technologies

New! The State of Systems Engineering Adoption in the Automotive Industry

New! Implications of Off-road Automation for On-road Automated Driving Systems

New! Developing the Role of the System Software Integrator to Mitigate Digital Infrastructure Vulnerabilities

New! The Path to Safe Machine Learning for Automotive Applications

New! Automated Vehicles and Infrastructure Enablers: Logistics and Delivery

New! Multi-agent Collaborative Perception for Autonomous Driving: Unsettled Aspect

New! Reducing Human Driver Error and Setting Realistic Expectations with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

New! Micromobility, User Input, and Standardization

New! Automated Vehicles and Infrastructure Enablers: Connectivity

New! Responder-to-Vehicle Technologies for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

New! Evaluation of the In-vehicle Experience

New! Facial Recognition Software and Privacy Law in Transportation Technology

New! Cybersecurity and Digital Trust Issues in Connected and Automated Vehicles

New! Emergence of Quantum Computing Technologies in Automotive Applications: Opportunities and Future Use Cases

The Software-defined Vehicle and Its Engineering Evolution: Balancing Issues and Challenges in a New Paradigm of Product Development 

Next-generation Sensors for Automated Road Vehicles

Automated Vehicles, the Driving Brain, and Artificial Intelligence

Automated Vehicles and Infrastructure Enablers: Accessibility

Automated Vehicles and Infrastructure Enablers: Transit

Infrastructure Enablers and Automated Vehicles: Trucking

Legal Issues Facing Automated Vehicles, Facial Recognition and Privacy Rights

Automated Vehicles and Infrastructure Enablers: Pavement Markings and Signs

Automated Vehicles: A Human/Machine Co-learning Perspective

Legal Issues Facing Data in Autonomous, Connected, Electric, and Shared Vehicles

User Experience and Acceptance of Automated Vehicles

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