Call for papers: SAE International Journal of Materials and Manufacturing

Special Issue on Lightweighting Materials for Automotive Applications


In recent years, mass reduction in the automotive industry has received significant attention mainly due to US and EU legislation. Increasing fuel economy requirements for engine-powered vehicles and a drive for extending the range of electric vehicles are motivating this lightweighting. This trend has driven lightweight materials research and technology developments in advanced manufacturing methods, innovative alloy formulations, novel joining methods and corrosion protection processes. With these increased research and technology developments, lightweight materials are being utilized in increasing and new applications within the vehicle.

This special issue will focus on new developments and research in lightweight materials for automotive applications, focusing on new manufacturing methods, alloy developments, and technology enablers in joining, corrosion, and multi-material assembly, among other topics. It is a peer-reviewed platform for both industry and academia to present new research and developments. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Design and applications of lightweight materials
  • Development and testing of new alloy compositions
  • Development of new manufacturing, forming and secondary processes
  • Novel joining methods for multi-material applications
  • Advanced corrosion protection processes
  • Advanced modelling and validation of lightweight materials
  • Case studies of lightweight materials applications
  • Summaries of large-scale research and development consortiums
  • Improving properties through processing methods



For more information, please contact Guest Editor:

Jon Weiler
Meridian Lightweight Technologies


Deadline to submit manuscripts for consideration: October 30, 2019
Final Manuscript due: May 30, 2020
Tentative Publication Date: August 30, 2020

Please submit your article at and include a submission note in Editorial Manager to indicate that it is for this special issue.