Subject Areas—SAE International Journal of Transportation Safety

Manuscripts can be submitted to the Journal by selecting one of the 15 subject areas. Please refer to this list of sub-topics when deciding where to submit your paper:

JTS100 Epidemiology

JTS101 Public Policy

JTS102 Anthropometry

JTS103 Applied Injury Biomechanics

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
    • Frontal Impact
    • Side Impact
    • Rear Impact
    • Rollover
    • Child Passenger Protection
  • Military
  • Motorcoach and Heavy Truck Safety
  • Motorsports
  • Motorcycle Safety
  • Pedecyclist Safety
  • Pedestrian Safety
  • Rail
  • Watercraft

JTS104 Basic Injury Biomechanics

  • Impact and Injury Response
  • Material Properties
  • Mechanism and Tolerance
  • Risk and Mitigation

JTS105 Accident Investigation & Reconstruction

JTS106 Crashworthiness

  • Vehicle Aggressivity & Compatibility in Crashes
  • Computer Applications for Crashworthiness
  • Fire Safety

JTS107 Driver Behavior/Naturalistic Studies

JTS108 Anthropomorphic Test Device Design and Performance

JTS109 Computational Models in Crash Safety Applications

  • Rigid Body Models
  • Finite Element Models
    • Vehicles and Components
    • Anthropomorphic Test Devices
    • Post Mortem Human Surrogates
    • Human Volunteers
    • Animal Models

JTS110 Safety Test Methodology

  • Protective Systems
  • Testing Apparatus
  • Instrumentation

JTS111 Passive Safety

  • Air bags/Suppression
  • Belt Restraints
    • Multi-point
    • Inflatable
    • Pretensioners
    • Load Limiters

JTS112 Active Safety

  • Occupant Sensing/Adaptive Systems
  • Collision Avoidance/Precrash Sensing
  • Integrated Safety Systems

JTS113 Safety Critical Systems

  • Electronic Data Recorders
  • Advanced Crash Notification

JTS114 Ergonomics

  • Seating
  • Lighting