Retraction Policy

SAE International supports the view that publishing ethics are of the utmost importance and will strive to maintain the integrity of the scholarly record.

Occasionally, there are exceptional circumstances that result in a retraction of a published article: violations of ethical conduct, which include, but are not limited to, plagiarism, multiple submissions of the same article, fraudulent use of data, and invalid claims of authorship. Retractions may be requested by authors or the editor of a journal, and such requests for retraction are investigated thoroughly, following COPE’s (Committee on Publication Ethics) guidelines.

Should the investigation lead to a retraction of the article, a retraction notice is published in the next available issue. In the online version of the retracted article, the retraction notice will be attached to the original version, and the original article will be retained in PDF with a watermark on each page reading “Retracted.” The HTML version of the document is removed, but the metadata (title and authors) remain with “Retracted” in front of the full title.

For questions and further clarification, please contact