Aerospace & Defense Technology

June 2020



Rugged Computing

Designing Battery Packs for Harsh Environment Mission-Critical Devices

Lasers & Optics

High-Energy Laser Weapon Systems

Rotorcraft Technology

Advanced Assembly Solutions for the Airbus RACER Joined-Wing Configuration

Digital Design Tools

Digital Twins

RF & Microwave Technology

Practical 3D Printing of Antennas and RF Electronics
Photonic Microwave Generation Using On-Chip Optical Frequency Combs

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Aerospace & Defense Technology is born from the blending of two great current publications—Defense Tech Briefs and Aerospace Engineering. It brings together the latest advances from the U.S. Department of Defense, NASA, and other major industry leaders. Aerospace & Defense Technology is the largest-circulation engineering magazine for the commercial and military aerospace market, serving more than 100,000 design engineers and managers worldwide through its print and digital editions.
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