SAE Vehicle Electrification 2010-11-04

    • Why Volt?
      After 48 months' development, the 2011 Chevrolet Volt has enetered series production. The pioneering "E-REV" is as important to the mobility industry as it is to GM.
    • Creating the heart of Volt
      GM's battery requirements meant creating new state-of-the-art in-vehicle engery storage - and doing it in less than four years. Top GM and supplier engineers reveal how they did it.
    • Engineering with maniacal focus
      A dedicated, cohesive team and a conservative engineering approach put this innovative vehicle into production at moon-shot speed.
    • A unique electrified transaxle
      Hybrid or not? Definitions aside, what really matters is GM wisely leveraged its next-generation Two Mode propulsion technology to give Volt greater overall efficiency.
    • Sweating the body details
      Extensive wind-tunnel work gave Volt a shape that's slicker than it looks. But engineers aren't happy with the curb weight.
    • Achassis that Cruzes
      To speed development and minimize cost, Volt shares key underpinnings with its high-volume cousin.
    • A new role for the ICE
      Volt's modified Family Zero inline four is along for the ride- until it's needed.
    • Charging and connectivity
      GM engineers designed in maximum flexibility for keeping the Volt juiced up and connected- to the grid and to the Internet.