SAE Vehicle Electrification 2011-05-25

    • Prime time for batteries
      Forecasts very on how many, and when, electrified vehicles will hit the streets, but auto and battery makers are ramping up efforts like there's no tomorrow.
    • In energy storage, materials matter
      Batteries being electrochemical devices, innovation and advances in chemistry and materials are key to what everyone agrees is the need for improved performance and life.
    • Comparing thermal characteristics of Li-ion celss
      Most Li-ion battery suppliers require that the cell temperature be as uniform as possible to achieve optimal battery performance and avoid battery system failure. But some materials in Li-ion cells have low thermal stability.
    • The world plugs into EVs
      As matters begin to settle in terms of connector types, charge-station makers are ramping up to meet the needs of a growing population of plug-in vehicles.