Automotive Engineering International 2011-04-05

    • AEI Best Engineered Vehicle 2011- Chevrolet Volt
      General Motors' pioneering E-REV eliminates range-to-empty worries with a cleverly engineered powertrain that makes Volt the right EV at the right time- and AEI's Best Engineered Vehicle for 2011.
    • Government boost key to biofuel future
      Biofuel companies are determined to become viable on their own but want continued government assistance if oil companies receive assistance, too.
    • More from less
      Trimming fuel consumption and emissions requires higher voltages, greater computing power, and more money.
    • Finding the right balance
      Engineers identify key technology trends such as the necessity for lighter, smaller engines and vehicles- and stress that managing trade-offs is an especially tough challenge.
    • Automotive Engineering International 2011 tech awards
      The editors of Automotive Engineering International preview the most innovative supplier technologies to be displayed April 12-14 in Detroit at the SAE 2011 World Congress. The top five are highlighted on the following pages, but all 10, and other event coverage, can be viewed online at