Automotive Engineering International 2011-10-04

    • 2012 Verano vies for NVH benchmark
      General Motors 'throws the toolbox' at its new entry-level Buick as it aims to create the quietest compact in the market.
    • Ford charges up Focus EV for 2013
      With major engineering support from Magna, Ford's first battery-electric passenger car promises Leaf-blowing features including half the charge time as that claimed by Nissan using a 240-V SAE J1772 Class 2 charge source.
    • Launch of 2012 Camry It was the best of timing, it was the worst of timing
      As the automotive industry still reels from economic and natural disasters, Toyota looks for blue skies ahead with the introduction of the seventh-generation Camry.
    • New Passat marks VW's return to U.S. production
      The car is larger than its German-built predecessor but priced thousands of dollars less to match the C/D-class competition. The plant assembly line has 150,000 capacity, over 10 times the 2010 Passat sales volume.
    • Going for a smart grid
      Many standards, technical advances will make it easier to recharge batteries in less time.
    • A better battery for stop-start
      Axion makes a crystal-clear case for the superiority of its lead-carbon battery/capacitor hybrid product over lead-acid batteries.