Momentum, the Magazine for Student Members of SAE International 2011-08-29

    • SAE Supermileage champ achieves 2158 mpg
      Teams of collegiate engineering students show pathways to amazing vehicle fuel efficiency inthe 32nd annual competition, making the top 10 meant beating 500 mpg!
    • Engineer employment study reveals positive hiring trends
      A recent study from SAE analysts suggests that the future may be looking up for mobility engineers on the job hunt.
    • Oklahoma's active Aero attack
      Students at the University of Oklahoma have spurred new ideas for aerodynamics development in Formula SAE with their newest wing package.
    • SJSU grad, GM engineer receives Rumbaugh Award
      Rumbaugh Award recipient Randy Floresca says being involved with SAE was key to securing his current job.
    • Electronics take the lead in the motorcycle race
      Bike-industry engineers are integrating electronic and electrical technologies in the quest for higher performance, more features-and zero emissions.
    • Tech paper publishing through SAE brings global exposure
      Tech papers are an ideal format for presenting professional work in the public domain, with the benefit of SAE's rigorous peer review process.