Automotive Engineering International 2013-04-02

    • 'Brands are king' is the credo for Chrysler engineering
      Senior VP of Engineering Mark Chernoby reveals what makes his revitalized team so effective, why it's unique-and what's missing in its connection with Fiat.
    • Directing Tesla's unique trajectory
      JB Straubel wears far more hats than most automotive CTOs. He talks about vehicle development, his engineering team, and what they've got in the works.
    • Engineering Ford's global product assault
      Hau Thai-Tang details how his global product development teams are changing to keep pace with faster product cycles, greater product diversity, and an avalanche of new technologies. (Hint: They're benchmarking the CIA.)
    • Closing the hybrid control gap
      Virtual sensing, architectural tweaks, and faster processors help engineers narrow the cost gap between hybrid and conventional powertrains.
    • Radar love
      An emerging crop of autonomous vehicles uses ever-vigilant sensors to find their way and avoid collisions. The technology will be trickling into production, but practical, fully autonomous cars might not make it into the market until 2025.
    • AEI SAE 2013 Tech Awards
      The editors of Automotive Engineering International annually select from among SAE World Congress exhibitors the technologies they judge worthy of an AEI SAE 2013 Tech Award. Judging is based on level of design and engineering innovation, uniqueness, potential for 'real world' production application, and potential benefit for industry customers and end user.