Automotive Engineering International 2013-09-03

    • Honda flexes new powertrain muscle
      Honda R&D's top engineer outlines his company's Earth Dreams powertrain assault that includes more efficient, robust, and refined ICEs; new hybrid drive systems; and further developments in FCEVs, HCCI, plasma ignitions, and Rankine-cycle engine types.
    • Setting Hyundai's fuel cell strategy
      Hyundai is one of two major OEMs that are still going it alone in developing FCEV technology, rather than collaborating with competitors. The company's head of fuel cell R&D explains the path toward 2015 series production.
    • Volvo Trucks makes a case for DME
      The truck maker is working with Oberon Fuels and others to bring dimethyl ether-what company execs say is one of the most promising sustainable alternative fuels-to North America in 2015.
    • Sensing a need for creature comforts
      Automakers and suppliers are turning to new sensors to help make cabins more comfortable and safer while automating some tasks.