Automotive Engineering

April 1, 2014

    • No hands, lots of brains
      A hefty amount of computing power built with new hardware and software architectures will be needed when vehicles begin taking over more of the driving tasks.
    • Aerodynamics and flow simulations come of age
      With the advent of faster computers, engineers are using CFD software as a practical tool, shaping designs early in the product development cycle. The challenges today are in how best to use it and by whom.
    • New rules shuffle the F1 deck
      New turbocharged hybrid-electric power units and revised aerodynamics may scramble the familiar order in Formula One for 2014.
    • Stars of the show floor
      The editors of Automotive Engineering annually select from among SAE World Congress exhibitors the technologies that meet their criteria for a coveted Tech Award. Judging is based on level of design and engineering innovation, uniqueness, potential for 'real world' production application, and potential benefit for industry customers and end users. Read on for articles on the five SAE 2014 Tech Award winners, followed by briefs on additional show-floor highlights that we call 'What's New.'