Automotive Engineering

February 3, 2015

    • Getting a grip on AWD efficiency
      The safety and performance benefits of all-wheel drive are undeniable, but so are the penalties of added weight, friction losses, and complexity. Clever axle disconnects and E-axles are driving future AWD developments.
    • E pluribus unum
      Inputs from many sensors are being combined to give safety systems a true vision of vehicle surroundings, with the resulting sensor fusion becoming a mainstay of autonomous vehicle electronics.
    • Lightweighting poses repair challenges
      Mass-produced aluminum bodies and mixed-material structures present challenges for assembly and repair, as automakers increasingly pursue these lightweight strategies.
    • Setting the standard
      Meggitt CTO Emeritus begins term at helm of SAE International, seeks to encourage cross-sector relations, elevate image of SAE as aerospace industry leader.
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