Mobility Engineering

September 2015

    • The advent of stop-start technology
      As environmental concerns grow for R&D teams, OEMs look to bring the strategy further into the mainstream.
    • Recycling opportunities for hybrid/electric vehicle lithium-ion batteries
      With limited reserves and strict environmental regulations, re-cyclers look to established extraction means to reuse, recycle, and dispose of the used batteries.
    • Cameras look to go the distance
      Automakers seek vision systems with greater distances, improved reliability, and more functionality, thanks to ruggedized complementary metal-oxide semiconductor technologies.
    • Getting right with composites
      With composites now a mainstay in most new aircraft de-signs, the engineering emphasis has switched from understanding if they work to thinking through the most efficient way to manufacture them, such as using design-for-manufacturing software.
    • Autonomous vehicles
      Unmanned vehicles are a thing of the present for many off-highway applications, particularly in the agriculture and mining industries.