SAE Off-Highway Engineering

August 5, 2015

    • Making sense of autonomy
      Industry offers a range of sensors that will free humans from many tasks while also improving reliability, though devising strategies that meet demanding requirements without breaking the bank is no easy challenge.
    • Life-cycle planning-Design and calibration for ultimate efficiency
      The ultimate power of Big Data technologies relies on the implementation of new strategies. Unlike a traditional engine calibration process, in which only calibration test data and model simulation data are used, multiple source data introduced into the adaptive engine calibration process contributes to efficiency and cost reduction.
    • The complicated future of off-highway engines
      Developing an optimum engine is getting tricky now that the European Union has established a Stage V for off-highway engines, and the U.S. has not. What effect will this have on future engine designs?
    • Combustion modeling in heavy-duty diesels
      A focus on the development of a CFD methodology for combustion simulations took two different approaches to model flame propagation, both of which employed detailed chemistry and turbulence chemistry interaction.
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