Aerospace & Defense Technology

October 2016

    • Achieving Performance Advantages in Unmanned Systems
      Unmanned Vehicle Systems (UVS) are reaching new levels of functionality and performance, and it's not just for air vehicles either.
    • COTS Embedded Systems and Link Budgets
      The days of proprietary embedded computing systems in military systems are numbered.
    • Custom Designing Enclosures Using 3-D CAD Modeling
      Due to the advancement of 3-D computer-aided design software, enclosure manufacturing is not what it used to be. Technology advances industry.
    • Fiber Optic Multi-Sensing Platforms
      Enabling Innovation Across Aerospace Organizations
    • RECAT
      Wake Turbulence Recategorization
    • New Concept for Improving the Performance of Electrically Small Antennas
    • Microwave Radiometer for Advanced Nanosatellite Control Systems
    • Secret Sharing Schemes and Advanced Encryption Standard
    • SIPHER: Scalable Implementation of Primitives for Homomorphic Encryption
    • Using Mathematics to Make Computing on Encrypted Data Secure and Practical