Automotive Engineering

March 3, 2016

    • Multi-material structures move mpg upward
      The quest to improve fuel economy is not waning, nor is the desire to achieve higher mpg through the use of just the right lightweight material for the right vehicle application.
    • Cars poised to become 'a thing'
      Making automobiles part of the Internet of Things brings both risks and rewards.
    • Agility training for cars
      Chassis component suppliers refine vehicle dynamics at the high end and entry level with four-wheel steering and adaptive damping.
    • SAE 2016 World Congress Preview
      Technology trends and exhibitor products are highlighted in this special section, which features Toyota's plans for the show floor, tech sessions, and more.
    • Rethinking the route to lower-cost fuel cells
    • Secondary loop and heat pump climate control under evaluation once more
    • OTA reflashing: the challenges and solutions
    • 3D-printed high-temperature ceramics
    • 2017 Pacifica is first hybrid minivan, rides on all-new FCA platform
    • Prius is re-engineered on Toyota New Global Architecture
    • 2017 Porsche Boxster loses cylinders, gains power, adds frugality
    • 2016 Mini Clubman's torque-vectoring AWD system designed to give 2wd efficiency