Automotive Engineering

August 4, 2016

    • Special report: Lightweighting
      Uncovering the next actions in the industry's grand mass-reduction campaign.
    • CAE's next leap forward
      With 3D simulations skyrocketing, engineers are looking forward to highly-optimized toolsets to keep pace with complexity.
    • SAE Convergence 2016 Preview
      Meet the disruptors, network with peers and learn about the latest tech solutions that are rapidly changing the auto industry.
    • "Military-grade" aluminum
    • Jaguar, Exa say simulation to eliminate prototypes by 2020
    • OEMs expand testing of FEV variable-compression ratio engine
    • Growth of FCVs and EVs tied to infrastructure
    • Bolt EV seat design cuts weight, delights tall passengers
    • Rolls-Royce reveals a Vision of its future
    • Volvo bets on new PowerPulse, not 48V, to attack turbodiesel 'lag'
    • SEAT to spearhead VW's new platform and 48V technology
    • Dr. Jay Baron of CAR discusses vehicle lightweighting and predicts the outcome of the crucial CAFE mid-term review.